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OHSAA Radio “Tournament Tipoff” Show #5 and State Tournament Radio Information

March 13, 2019
For Immediate Release – March 13, 2019
Contact – Tim Stried, Director of Communications, [email protected]
OHSAA Radio “Tournament Tipoff” Show #5 and State Tournament Radio Information
This week’s “OHSAA Tournament Tipoff” basketball show is posted at the link below. In this edition, host Marty Bannister interviews high school basketball expert Jim Dabbelt to break down this week’s girls basketball state tournament.
This week’s show also includes regional reports from Mike Dyer of Cincinnati WCPO-TV, Todd Bell of Spectrum and the OHSAA Radio Network (central Ohio), Mike Breckendridge of Wooster WQKT and Ron Brunswick of Celina WCSM.
The show includes one local break (2:00 plus :10 joiner) so stations can insert their own spots (see format below).
State Tournament Broadcast Highlights Available from SoundCloud
After each state tournament game, broadcast highlight clips will be posted for download on the OHSAA Radio Network’s SoundCloud page. The clips will be posted at: https://soundcloud.com/ohsaaradio
OHSAA Tournament Tipoff Show #5 is 28:21 and is posted at: https://www.ohsaa.org/news/radio
Direct Link:
OHSAA Radio “Tournament Tipoff” Show #5 – 28:21
  • Opening
  • Network break
  • Segment 1, interview with Jim Debbalt
  • Local Break (2:00 and :10 joiner)
  • Segment 2, reports from Chris Solwecki (statewide AP poll leaders), Mike Dyer (Cincinnati WCPO-TV), Todd Bell (Spectrum and OHSAA Radio Network), Mike Breckenridge (Wooster WQKT) and Ron Brunswick (Celina WCSM)
  • Network break
  • Closing
2019 Basketball State Tournaments on the OHSAA Radio Network
Stations can have regional and state tournament rights fees waived by carrying OHSAA Radio Network programming
OHSAA Radio Network Home, Delivery Details, Crews and Program Logs:  https://www.ohsaa.org/news/radio
2019 Girls Basketball State Tournament – OHSAA Radio Network Broadcast Crews
March 14
Division III Semifinals (1:00 & approx. 3:00) – Todd Bell, Kristin Ronai and Michelle Mimna
Division II Semifinals (6:00 & approx. 8:00)  – Marty Bannister, Chris Vail and Michelle Mimna
March 15
Division IV Semifinals (1:00 & approx. 3:00) – David Wilson, Lori Bodnar and Ashley Collins
Division I Semifinals (6:00 & approx. 8:00) – Scott Leo, Kristin Ronai and Michelle Mimna/Vanessa Richardson
March 16
Division III Final (10:45) – David Wilson, Lori Bodnar and Vanessa Richardson
Division II Final (2:00) – Marty Bannister, Chris Vail and Vanessa Richardson
Division IV Final (5:15) – David Wilson, Lori Bodnar and Vanessa Richardson
Division I Final (8:30) – Scott Leo, Kristin Ronai and Vanessa Richardson
OHSAA Radio Network Programming
  • Play-by-Play Broadcasts: The network broadcasts the football state championship games, the girls and boys basketball state tournaments, the softball state tournament and the baseball state tournament. Network broadcasts are available through Skyview Satellite or an online feed and include program logs, local avails and sub-audible tones. Stations that carry network broadcasts can see a reduction or elimination of their regional and state tournament rights fees.
  • Football and Basketball Weekly Shows: The network produces a series of weekly football and basketball preview shows that include interviews, statewide news, state tournament previews and regional reports. The shows are approximately 25 minutes long and include a 2-minute local break. 
  • Public Service Announcements: https://www.ohsaa.org/RTG/PSA
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Director of Communications
Ohio High School Athletic Association
614-267-2502, ext. 124  office
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