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Bowling Media Credential Information

State Tournament Media Credential Information

The following information has been prepared to assist you with your coverage of the upcoming OHSAA state bowling tournament. Please contact Tim Stried ([email protected] or 614-267-2502, ext. 124) at the OHSAA office should you have additional questions. Previews and additional information will be posted on the OHSAA web site the week of each state tournament.

DATES: Friday, February 28 (Division II girls), Saturday, February 29 (Division II boys), Friday, March 6 (Division I girls), Saturday, March 7 (Division I boys)

LOCATION: Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl (3224 South High Street, Columbus, OH 43207; 614-491-7155; www.bowlcolumbus.com)

MEDIA COORDINATORS: The tournament managers serve as the media coordinators for the bowling state tournaments. Those people are Greg Coulles (pronounced “COOL-iss”) for the boys tournament, Kyle Wilson for the girls Division II tournament and Fran Miller for the girls Division I tournament. They can assist you with interviews and results. OHSAA Director of Compliance and Sporting Behavior Roxanne Price and site manager Elaine Webb are also available to answer your questions.

MEDIA CHECK-IN: A table will be set up near the main entrance for media to check in. Media must show company identification or a letter from a supervisor describing their coverage of the state tournament. Media will then be given a packet containing a credential, press release, program and welcome letter.

Greg Coulles, Fran Miller and Kyle Wilson handle the scoring for state tournaments and will provide hard-copy results to the media. Results will also be posted.

PHOTOGRAPHY REGULATIONS: Flash photography is not permitted when bowling is in progress, both during warm-ups and competition. Flash photography is permitted prior to warm-ups and between rounds and during trophy presentations. In addition, please see Greg Coulles during the boys tournament and Kyle Wilson during the girls tournament for areas where photographers are permitted to position themselves during competition.

WORK ROOM: A work room has been established for the media. It is located near Lane 8. Please see Greg Coulles, Fran Miller, or Kyle Wilson if you need further instructions.

Media should speak with Greg Coulles during the boys state tournament and Kyle Wilson or Fran Miller during the girls state tournament to determine the appropriate time to interview coaches or student-athletes.

WIRELESS ACCESS AND TELEPHONES: There is free wireless access available in the facility, as well as telephones for collect, credit card or toll-free calls only.

Use the same credential for both days of the tournament. Credentials are non-transferable.