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Softball Media Credential Information

State Tournament Media Credential Information

Two Ways to Apply: 
Option 1: Print the 2024 Softball Credential Application Form and submit per the instructions at the top of the form.​
Option 2: Copy-and-Paste the following text into an email message, fill in the information and send to [email protected]. Please print the media information first.
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2024 OHSAA Softball Credential Application
Must be submitted by editor or assigner. Deadline: Tuesday, May 28, Noon
No parents of state qualifiers permitted. Confirmation email will be sent with details and instructions, including parking. Media must show photo ID to pick-up credential.
Name and Title:
Media Outlet:
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Schools, Divisions or Areas Covering:
Type of Coverage (newspaper, radio, TV, etc.): 
Names of Media Attending:
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The following information is provided to assist media covering the upcoming OHSAA softball state tournament. Please contact Tim Stried ([email protected] or 614-267-2502, ext. 124) at the OHSAA office if you have additional questions. Additional information will be posted on the OHSAA web site (www.ohsaa.org) the week of the state tournament.
YOUR HOSTS: State Tournament Manager Melvin Blake ([email protected]) welcomes you to Firestone Stadium. The OHSAA will also have several staff members on site during the state tournaments, including OHSAA Director of Media Relations Tim Stried on Saturday. Calli Fenik is the softball state tournament media assistant.
SCHEDULE: Game times on Thursday and Friday are 10:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. The state championship games are at 10:00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. The divisional rotation is IV, III, II and I.
LOCATION: Akron Firestone Stadium, 1575 Firestone Parkway, Akron, OH 44301
WEATHER DELAYS: Check with state tournament personnel in the press box and the OHSAA’s Twitter account: @OHSAASports
MEDIA CREDENTIALS: Media shall complete the official credential application form and scan and email it to Tim Stried at the OHSAA ([email protected]) or fax to 614-267-1677. The deadline to submit requests is noon on Tuesday, May 28. Credentials will be held for pickup at the concession stand window on the third-base side of Firestone Stadium. Media must show photo identification. If the team you are covering wins its semifinal game, the same credential is valid for the championship game.
NOTE ON MEDIA CREDENTIALS: Please note that parents of state qualifiers and coaches may not receive media credentials to OHSAA state tournaments. Media outlets found to request credentials for these individuals could have reduced access at future state tournaments.
CREDENTIAL CONFIRMATION: Upon processing a credential application, the OHSAA will send a confirmation email, which contains important information about the state tournament. In addition, the OHSAA will post a list on its web site of those media members who have been approved for credentials.
PARKING: There are no media parking passes and there is no reserved media parking area. Fans and media shall park along Firestone Parkway as directed by parking attendants.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Note that during the game, photographers are not permitted inside the fence or inside the dugout. As soon as the game ends, photographers are permitted on the field.
MEDIA WORK SPACE: Please see media assistant Calli Fenik for a seat at the media tables at Firestone Stadium. In addition, there are tables set up in the second-floor hallway on the third-base side (above the postgame interview room. The media work room will close 60 minutes following the conclusion of the last postgame press conference each day.
POSTGAME INTERVIEWS: There will be a postgame press conference following every game in a room under the first base side of the main grandstand. The head coaches and key players will be escorted to the press conference. Quick interviews by TV and radio reporters are permitted prior to the press conference but must take place off the field. Only credentialed photographers and TV cameras are permitted inside the gate after the game.
WIRELESS AVAILABLE: Wireless internet access is available throughout the stadium. Please see Calli Fenik for the password.
BROADCAST CONNECTIONS: Broadcast media needing an internet line or a telephone line should check with Jeff Mourton near the press box for instructions. Stations must use an 800 number, credit card, call collect or have the station call the broadcast crew.
VIDEO BROADCAST INFORMATION: Media outlets that request to do delayed video play-by-play of an OHSAA state tournament contest shall contact the OHSAA for details.
ADDITIONAL NOTES TO BROADCAST MEDIA: Broadcast media must pay a rights fee prior to broadcasting. Fees will be collected at your broadcast location. Broadcasters are asked to keep their postgame shows to a minimum if a crew is waiting for a broadcast location for the next game. Please alert Tim Stried at the OHSAA as soon as possible of your intentions so coordination can take place with the state tournament staff in Akron.