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Swimming & Diving Media Credential Information

State Tournament Media Credential Information

The following information has been prepared to assist you with your coverage of the upcoming OHSAA state swimming and diving tournament. Please contact Tim Stried ([email protected] or 614-267-2502, ext. 124) at the OHSAA office should you have additional questions. Additional information will be posted on the OHSAA web site the week of each state tournament.

 We appreciate your coverage. Below is information that should assist you during the tournament. Please see the official program for more information about Branin Natatorium.

Media Coordinators: Patty McLean (Wed.-Thurs.) and Lisa Buckley (Fri.-Sat.) are the media coordinators. They can assist you with interviews and results. Tournament manager Joan Rehfus, OHSAA Associate Commissioner Dr. Deborah Moore and Communications intern Brendan Hall are also available to answer your questions.

Media Workspaces: A media work room is available on deck level of the pool just past the diving boards. There is wireless access available. Media needing a telephone line should speak with media coordinators Patty McLean or Lisa Buckley. There is also a larger partitioned area in the adjacent auxiliary gymnasium where media can work.

Results: Results will be placed in marked folders in the media work room. Results will also be posted on the OHSAA web site as soon as possible after each session.

Interviews: Interviews during swimming events will take place at the deck entrance corner, which is the corner closet to the vending machines. Some participants may not be available immediately due to their participation in another upcoming event. Participants are encouraged to accept interview requests, but are not required to do so. Please be sensitive of participants who have been disqualified.

Photography Regulations: Flash photography is not permitted at any time during the diving portion of the tournament, nor immediately before and after the start of each swimming event (so as to not interfere with the starter’s signal). Once swimmers are in the water, flash photography is permitted. Due to the congestion on the pool deck, photos from behind the starting blocks may not be taken during relay events. Photos may only be taken during a return lap in which the swimmer(s) is between the far turn and the half way point of the near side. After taking those photos, photographers must step straight back and away from the pool’s edge to allow the land official and timers access to the touch/finish, unless the lane official instructs otherwise. Photographers may not interfere with the participants, tournament officials, staff or timers. Those who do will be moved to the normal photo shooting positions along the pool’s side deck or asked to leave. Photographers are to remain in the diving well area when they are not shooting an event. Please be sensitive to participants who have been disqualified. As a reminder, only bona fide newspaper offices or official newspaper websites may sell photographs from OHSAA tournament contests.

Programs: Programs are available in the media work room. Event information, heats, records (national, state, tournament and pool) are listed on each event page along with last year’s state tournament results.

Credentials: Use the same credential for all four days of the tournaments. Credentials are non-transferable.

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