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Team Wrestling Media Credential Information

State Tournament Media Credential Information

Two Ways to Apply
Option 1: Print the 2020 Wrestling Credential Application Form and submit per the instructions at the top of the form.

Option 2: Copy-and-Paste the following text into an email message, fill in the information and send to [email protected]. Please print the media information first.
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2020 OHSAA Team Wrestling Credential Application
     Must be submitted by editor or assigner. Deadline: Wednesday, February 6, at noon

Name and Title:

Media Outlet:

Street Address:

City, State and Zip:



Schools, Divisions or Areas Covering:

Media Type (newspaper, website only, TV news, audio broadcast, delayed video broadcast except Session 5)

Names of Media Attending (indicate full-time staffer or stringer):

Press Row Only:

Combination (Press Row and Photo):

Photographer/TV News (highlights only):

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Welcome to the Eighth Annual OHSAA Dual Team Wrestling State Tournament
The following information has been prepared to assist the media with its coverage of the upcoming OHSAA dual team wrestling state tournament. Please contact Tim Stried ([email protected] or 614-267-2502, ext. 124) at the OHSAA office if you have additional questions. Additional information will be posted on the OHSAA website the week of the tournament.
DATE: Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020
LOCATION: St. John Arena, The Ohio State University, 410 Woody Hayes Drive, Columbus, OH 43210
Weigh-Ins: Begin at 9:00 a.m. (media not permitted inside arena until weigh-ins have concluded)
Media Entrance Opens: 10:00 a.m.
State Quarterfinals (six mats)
     Upper Bracket: 11:00 a.m.
     Lower Bracket: 1:15 p.m.
State Semifinals (six mats): 3:30 p.m.
State Finals (three mats): 7:30 p.m.
MEDIA CREDENTIALS: Fax (or scan and email) the OHSAA’s completed application form to Tim Stried at the OHSAA office (fax 614-267-1677, [email protected]). The deadline to submit requests is noon on Wednesday, Feb. 12.
Note to High School Athletic Directors: The OHSAA will approve one school media person (reporter or photographer) per school. Please use the School Media Credential Form and fax (or scan and email) it to Tim Stried (fax 614-267-1677, [email protected]). The person can be a student or adult, but photos may not be sold and can only be given to the school for its use.
CREDENTIAL CONFIRMATION: Upon processing credential applications, the OHSAA will send a confirmation email to approved media applicants and will also post a list on OHSAA.org of those media members who have been approved for credentials. The approved list will be posted on the OHSAA state tournament credential page.
MEDIA PARKING: Media approved for credentials should read the confirmation memo sent via email from the OHSAA for details about the location of the media parking lot.
MEDIA ENTRANCE AND CREDENTIAL PICK-UP LOCATION: The media entrance is located in the northwest corner of St. John Arena (near the breezeway between St. John Arena and French Fieldhouse, facing Lane Avenue). Credentials will be held in that location for approved media. Upon entry, persons are required to show photo I.D. before the credential is issued.
PRESS ROW: Some media will be given assigned seats on press row. There are two press row locations: one located on the arena floor near the Division III mat and one located on the south side of the arena in the first row of seats (above the arena floor level). Media who are not given an assigned seat can sit in any open seat in the upper press row.
PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEO CAMERAS:  Photographers are not permitted on the mats. Note that during the state quarterfinals and semifinals, there are six mats in use. Thus, the middle two mats will have very limited space for photographers. If more photographers desire to be beside the middle two mats than space permits, the OHSAA will determine priority. The outer four mats have considerably more room for photographers to be positioned mat side. During the finals, ample space is available mat side, but photographers must sit. Lights on TV cameras are not permitted either when shooting a match or when filming a reporter doing a story and using a wrestling mat for a background while matches are in progress.
MEDIA WORKSPACE: Media who have an assigned seat on press row may continue to work at their assigned seat throughout the day. Open seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is also a media work room located off the main floor. Wireless internet is available in the arena at no cost. Media shall request a password and username when credentials are picked up, or may do so from the media assistants.
INTERVIEWS: After the state quarterfinals and semifinals, interviews with coaches and select wrestlers are permitted in the media press row area or in the St. John Arena concourse. An interview request process will be communicated to the media during the state tournament. After the state finals Saturday night, media interviews will take place on the mat for that specific division.
HOSPITALITY: The media work room (see earlier note) also serves as the media hospitality room and is located at floor level where snacks, soft drinks and water are served throughout the day. In addition, a meal will be served at approximately 5 p.m. Media members may take their food and beverages to their seats if they are working on press row. Food and beverages are not permitted on the arena floor.
RESULTS: Results will be printed and given to media as soon as possible following each session and will be posted online, as well. Please check the OHSAA’s wrestling website for the specific link.
LIVE AUDIO BROADCASTS: Live play-by-play audio broadcasts are permitted. Please see the OHSAA’s broadcast rates chart for a list of fees for those outlets that provide play-by-play broadcasts. Fees must be paid before broadcasting. There is no rights fee for providing occasional live audio updates.
TAPE-DELAY VIDEO BROADCASTS: Delayed video broadcasts are permitted only for Session 1 (Sunday morning and afternoon). Spectrum Sports has exclusive rights to the championship matches Saturday night.
PHOTOGRAPHERS NOTE: Coaches, children and parents of state qualifiers are not permitted to receive media credentials. Media outlets found to request credentials for those individuals are subject to reduced access at future OHSAA state tournaments.