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OHSAA-ArbiterSports Resource Center

The OHSAA and Arbiter Sports are committed to assisting schools, assigners and officials with the transition from myOHSAA scheduling tools to AbriterSports software. Realizing change can be difficult and comes with many questions, this Resource Center will be used to provide answers to those questions and information regarding the statewide integration of ArbiterSports into Ohio schools.
  • Frequently Asked Question Library is located to the left. Please use the links provided to locate the answer to your question or to submit a question to be added to the library.
  • Links to resources on ArbiterSports.com are available to the left for each of their products.
  • Below, find links to updates regarding the transition for schools, officials and assigners. Also use the Arbiter Integration Team link to contact a team member.
  • Training is an important part of this integration. Updates and information regarding the continued training of ArbiterGame for schools is available in the left sidebar.

About ArbiterSports Products

The OHSAA has partnered with ArbiterSports to provide member high schools with a one-stop shop for school event management. With the use of ArbiterGame, ArbiterOne, ArbiterLive and ArbiterPay, schools, officials and assigners can manage their events more comprehensively, effectively and economically then they can using myOHSAA. To learn more about these products see the information provided below.
ArbiterOne is the product used to electronically contract sport officials. ArbiterOne allows the officiating assigner to create an event and contract officials for a school. This is the backbone of ArbiterSports and they have been the best in the industry since their company started in 1984. Their other products were developed from the demands of athletic and recreational sports departments looking for one location to manage all their contest needs.
ArbiterGame is a comprehensive event management software for schools that integrates with ArbiterOne. The combination of these two products allows an athletic administrator to schedule games, manage teams, create rosters, arrange transportation, change venues and times, send important notifications, review officiating crews, pay officials and other game staff electronically, and track the entire process online from start to finish. ArbiterGame also interfaces with SchoolDude allowing schools using SchoolDude to fully capitalize on their ability to save money through enhanced facilities management.
ArbiterLive is simply the website that publishes your events for your fans and community to see. Each school has a dedicated web site address for this purpose. In addition, only those events designated as "public" in ArbiterGame will display on a school's ArbiterLive web site.
ArbiterPay allows users of ArbiterOne and ArbiterGame to electronically pay officials and game workers, accurately and on time. Electronic payment eliminates costs for paper checks, envelopes, postage and the personnel to print, stuff and address checks for US mail. Checks never have to be reissued if lost or stolen. ArbiterPay has all federal and state rules built in and automatically generates 1099s. The monies saved with electronically paying officials pay for the minimal costs associated for this product.