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ArbiterSports Resource Center

OHSAA-ArbiterSports Resource Center

The OHSAA and Arbiter Sports are committed to assisting schools, assigners and officials with the AbriterSports software. This Resource Center will be used to provide answers to those questions and information regarding the statewide integration of ArbiterSports into member Ohio schools.
  • Frequently Asked Question Library is located to the left. Please use the links provided to locate the answer to your question.
  • Links to resources on ArbiterSports.com are available to the left for each of their products.
  • Below, find links to updates regarding the transition for schools, officials and assigners. Also use the Arbiter Integration Team link to contact a team member.
  • Training is an important part of this integration. Updates and information regarding the continued training of ArbiterGame for schools is available in the left sidebar.

ArbiterSports Resources

ArbiterGame Training Dates for Schools

OHSAA Office, 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus
9:30 a.m.

Click for more information and to reserve a spot