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Tennis - Boys

2018 Season Information

Tennis Regulations Note

In the online rules meeting there is a mistake that needs to be corrected in regard to the number of “pro sets” permitted during an interscholastic tennis match. The number of pro sets permitted is four, not five per contests. Somehow the regulations were not keystroked correctly and the error was not found until the rules meeting had already been made public. The 2017-18 Tennis Regulations reflect four (4) pro sets as does the corrected copy of the 2017 Girl’s Coaches Manual.  We apologize for the error.

Boys Tennis News

2018 Boys Tennis Calendar

Mar. 5 First Day of Coaching
Mar. 23 Season Begins
Apr. 9 Non-Interscholastic Date
Apr. 29 Sectional Tournament Draw
May 7-12 Sectional Tournament
May 14-19 District Tournament
May 25-26 State Tournament
June 2 Season Ends

Boys Tennis History