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Ohio Interscholastic Track and Field Records

High school track and field in Ohio is conducted in accordance with the rules written by the National Federation of High School Associations and adopted by the Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Control. In order for a track and field mark to be approved as the official record, the provisions as specified in the National Federation Track and Field Rule 10 must be satisfied. Rule 10-1-1 sets the requirements:

"Art. 1 … All applicants for state or national records must be made on printed forms available from the state association or National Federation office. In order to receive consideration by the rules committee, the performance must have been made in a meet: 1.) Sanctioned by a state high school association; 2.) Involving five or more schools; and 3.) In an event limited to high school contestants who are representing their respective high schools. The application for record must be received within six months from the date of performance."

Record application forms are available from the Ohio High School Athletic Association office and must be filed at the OHSAA within six months to be considered. The simple reporting of an outstanding effort to the news media will not suffice for the athlete to receive record consideration.

The following records are the Official State of Ohio Interscholastic Track and Field records, as properly reported to the OHSAA. Any other listing is unofficial for high school track and field and should be so recognized by those interested in the sport.

To submit changes, mail or fax to:
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"Sprint Triple Crown" State Champions


Regional and State Records Index at BaumsPage.com



100-Meter Dash 11.59 Khalilah Carpenter, Columbus Brookhaven Dayton 2000
200-Meter Dash 23.65 Aareon Payne, Cleveland Heights Beaumont Columbus 2007
400-Meter Dash 51.63 Jessica Beard, Euclid Columbus 2007
800-Meter Run 2:07.14 Candace Nicholson, Cleveland Heights Beaumont Youngstown 1996
1600-Meter Run 4:41.37 Emily Infeld, Cleveland Heights Beaumont Columbus 2007
3200-Meter Run 10:14.91 Annie Heffernam, Cincinnati St. Ursula Academy Columbus 2013
100 Hurdles 13.64  Dalanda Jackson, Shaker Heights Dayton 2000
300 Hurdles 40.79 Tiffany Flomo, Groveport Madison Dayton 2000
4x100-Meter Relay 45.99 Reynoldsburg (Diamond Gause, Destinee Gause, Monie Jenkins, Faith Washington) Columbus 2012
4x200-Meter Relay 1:37.02 Reynoldsburg (Faith Washington, Timia Ingram, Azia Walker, Destinee Gause) Columbus 2009
4x400-Meter Relay 3:43.83 Reynoldsburg (Faith Washington, Destinee Gause, Taneisha Cordell, Azia Walker) Columbus 2009
4x800-Meter Relay 9:03.86 Cleveland Hts. Beaumont (Kristen Joyner,
Aimee Dobrowski, Nora Sennett, Maggie Infeld)
Dayton 2002
Discus 176’ 5" Krista Keir, Westerville South Hilliard 1997
High Jump 6' 1 1/4" Taylor Burke, Medina Columbus 2011
Long Jump 20’ 5 " Tianna Madison, Elyria Dayton 2003
Pole Vault 13' 04.25" Kristen Denk, North Royalton Macedonia Nordonia 2015
Shot Put 51 2" Katelyn Daniels, Olentangy Orange Columbus 2013


100-Meter Dash 10.38 Brandon Saine, Piqua
Dayton 2006
200-Meter Dash 20.47 Chris Nelloms, Dayton Dunbar
Columbus 1990
400-Meter Dash 45.59 Chris Nelloms, Dayton Dunbar
Columbus 1990
800-Meter Run 1:48.93 Marc Sylvester, Cleveland St. Ignatius
Dayton 2001
1600-Meter Run 4:05.13 Bob Kennedy, Westerville North
Columbus 1988
3200-Meter Run 8:55.04 Tsehaye Hiluf, Reynoldsburg
Columbus 2012
110 Hurdles 13.30 Chris Nelloms, Dayton Dunbar
Dayton 1990
300 Hurdles 35.96 Donovan Robertson, Berea
Columbus 2012
4x100-Meter Relay 40.79 Middletown (Tyron Thompson, Nasir Ahmad, Marc Johnson, Darrell Hunter)
Dayton 2002
4x200-Meter Relay 1:25.09 Cleveland Glenville (Freddie Lenix, Raymond Fisher, Derek McBryde, Andre Evans)
Columbus 2005
4x400-Meter Relay 3:13.05 Trotwood-Madison (Julius Ruby, Jordon Paschal, Renon Lorenzo, William Henry)
Columbus 2010
4x800-Meter Relay 7:36.33 Cincinnati St. Xavier (Michael Hall II, Bradford Eagan, Evan Stifel, Michael Vitucci)
Columbus 2014
Discus 206’ 4" Macklin Tudor, Sr., Mt. Orab Western Brown
Huber Heights 2012
High Jump 7 3 1/2" Erik Kynard, Jr., Toledo Rogers
Toledo 2009
Long Jump 25’ 9 " Ra’Mon Johnson, Warrensville Heights
Columbus 1996
Pole Vault 17’ 2" Jacob Blankenship, Gahanna Lincoln
Columbus 2012
Shot Put 71' 7 1/2" Dustin Brode, Canfield Columbus 2010


100-Meter Dash 11.82 Cachet Murray, Girard
Columbus 2004
200-Meter Dash 24.05 Cachet Murray, Girard
Columbus 2004
400-Meter Dash 53.19 Ayrizanna Favours, Columbus Eastmoor Academy
Columbus 2005
800-Meter Run 2:08.91 Taylor Hatfield, Chillicothe Zane Trace
Columbus 2010
1600-Meter Run 4:49.53 Sammy Bockoven, Cuyahoga Falls CVCA
Columbus 2014
3200-Meter Run 10:16.50 Bridget Franek, Mantua Crestwood
Andover 2006
100 Hurdles 14.02 Chelsea Scott, Columbus Bishop Hartley
Cincinnati 2010
300 Hurdles 42.24 Chelsea Scott, Columbus Bishop Hartley
Hubbard 2010
4x100-Meter Relay 47.09 Columbus Bishop Hartley (CharAnna Dixon, Chesna Sykes, Ashlee Hoffman, Aisha Cavin)
Columbus 2009
4x200-Meter Relay 1:39.37 Columbus Eastmoor Academy (Gianni Ross, Cheyanne Carter, Sariah Rhodes, Aaliyah Barnes) Columbus 2012
4x400-Meter Relay 3:49.94 Columbus Bishop Hartley (Taisha Ferguson, Aisha Cavin, Maya Pedersen, Chelsea Scott)
Columbus 2010
4x800-Meter Relay 9:10.22 Kettering Alter (Ashley Rodgers, Austin Borton, Columbus 2011
Rebecca Esselstein, Olivia Albers)
Discus 170’ 8" Teresa Sherman, South Point
Ironton 1989
High Jump 5’ 10 1/2" Katelyn Williams, Chesterland West Geauga
Ravenna 2007
Long Jump 19’ 11 3/4" Erin Busbee, Cleveland Collinwood
Dayton 2010
Pole Vault 13' 4 1/4" Allyson Simmons, Fairless
Austintown 2014
Shot Put 49’ 2 " Rebekah Green, Columbus School for Girls
Dublin 1999


100-Meter Dash 10.55 Eric Barrison, Willard
Lexington 2002
200-Meter Dash 21.37 Lamar Hargrove, Cincinnati North College Hill Dayton 2012
  21.2 (MT)  Matt Thiry, Warren Champion
Andover 1992
400-Meter Dash 47.22 Alante Oliver, Dayton Thurgood Marshall
Dayton 2012
47.22 Laron Brown, Dayton Roth
Dayton 1982
800-Meter Run 1:50.77 Cory Leslie, Sandusky Perkins
Columbus 2008
1600-Meter Run 4:08.03 Scott Fry, Sandusky Perkins
Columbus 1985
3200-Meter Run 8:49.40 Scott Fry, Sandusky Perkins
Columbus 1985
8:46.7 (MT) Scott Fry, Sandusky Perkins Oak Harbor 1985
110 Hurdles 13.71 Lamar Hill, Dayton Christian
Columbus 1996
300 Hurdles 36.69 Austin Wechter, Shelby
Lexington 2003
4x100-Meter Run 41.79 Dayton Jefferson Twp. (Ronald Bonner, Jr., Brian Britton, Stefan Johnson, Lorenzo Payne)
Columbus 1981
4x200-Meter Relay 1:26.18 Akron Buchtel (Marcus Ferguson, Curtis Eaton, Ronald Peake, Arthur Thomas)
Ravenna 2006
4x400-Meter Run 3:14.57 Dayton Roth (Quinthony Brown, Dayton 1982
Michael McCray, Juan Mosby, Laron Brown)
4x800-Meter Relay 7:37.43 Peninsula Woodridge (Jimmy Charles, Drake Sulzer, Columbus 2011
Jacob Onifer, Vishuban Sivakumaran)
Discus 203’ 7" Cory Echelberry, Fostoria
Dayton 1999
High Jump 7' 1 1/2" Ryan Fleck, Napoleon
Columbus 2008
Long Jump 24’ 3 " Joe Crallie, Magnolia Sandy Valley
Columbus 1994
Pole Vault 16’ 6" Matthew Roland, Bellevue
Sandusky 2013
Shot Put 64' 8 1/4" Matthew Hoty, Sandusky Perkins Lexington 2009


100-Meter Dash 11.75 Candace Longino-Thomas, Gates Mills Gilmour Academy
Navarre 2011
200-Meter Dash 24.19 Candace Longino-Thomas, Gates Mills Gilmour Academy
Youngstown 2009
400-Meter Dash 55.23 Brooke Turner, Gates Mills Hawken
Columbus 2004
800-Meter Run 2:09.77 Stephanie Morgan, Barnesville
Columbus 2009
1600-Meter Run 4:45.21 Stephanie Morgan, Barnesville
Columbus 2007
3200-Meter Run 10:32.75 Sunni Olding, Minster
Dayton 2003
100 Hurdles 14.25 Amber Rall, Bucyrus Wynford
Fostoria 2003
300 Hurdles 42.61 Teddi Jo Maslowski, Steubenville Catholic Central
Columbus 2010
4x100-Meter Relay 48.70 Gates Mills Gilmour Academy Columbus 2009
(Alexandria Dahlhausen, Kathryn Drew, Rebecca Bloom, Candace Longino-Thomas)
4x200-Meter Relay 1:41.31 Gates Mills Gilmour Academy (Alexandria Dahlhausen, Kathryn Drew, Bekka Simko, Candace Longino-Thomas)
Columbus 2009
4x400-Meter Relay 3:55.48 Gates Mills Gilmour Academy (Grace Venzor, Melanie Frank, Grace Brennan, Bekka Simko)
Columbus 2007
4x800-Meter Relay 9:11.66 Louisville St. Thomas Aquinas (Athena Welsh, Kalee Soehnlen, Kacee Soehnlen, Molly Pusateri(
Columbus 2014
Discus 183’ 3" Emily Pendleton, Elmore Woodmore
Oak Harbor 2007
High Jump 5’ 9" Anna Marie Ricciardi, Berlin Center Western Reserve
Berlin Center 2003
Long Jump 18’ 11" Ina Jackson, Bedford St. Peter Chanel
Berea 1999
Pole Vault 13'0" Mackenzie Wills, Troy Christian
West Milton 2008
Shot Put

49’ 3 1/2"

Jacklyn Leppelmeier, McComb
Columbus 2011


100-Meter Dash 10.55 Denver Williams, Cadiz Canal Winchester 1995
  10.4 (MT) Tony Lee, Dayton Jefferson Twp.
Columbus 1988
200-Meter Dash 21.50 Denver Williams, Cadiz Canal Winchester 1995
  21.1 (MT) Tony Lee, Dayton Jefferson Twp.
Dayton 1988
400-Meter Dash 47.36 Andrew Pierce, Yellow Springs
Dayton 1997
800-Meter Run 1:51.54 Sam Borchers, Yellow Springs
Columbus 2007
1600-Meter Run 4:10.83 Sam Borchers,Yellow Springs
Hilliard 2007
3200-Meter Run 9:09.15 Walter Luttrell, Dayton Christian
Hilliard 2008
110 Hurdles 13.50 Chad Zallow, Warren John F. Kennedy
Arcadia, CA 2015
300 Hurdles 36.32 John Lint, Gahanna Columbus Academy
Columbus 2014
4x100-Meter Run 42.08 Columbus Bishop Hartley (Erin Perdue, Karl Rose, Andy Groom, Kurt Shade)
Hilliard 1998
4x200-Meter Relay 1:27.86 Lima Central Catholic (Scott Willeke, Dimitri Floyd, Jamir Coleman, Mykale Rogers)
Columbus 2014
4x400-Meter Run 3:18.65 Gahanna Columbus Academy (Clay Hoster, Nathaniel Sutton, Jon Michael Hilsheimer, Gebhard Keny) Columbus 2010
4x800-Meter Run 7:48.39 Yellow Springs (Alex Onfroy, Andy Peters, Columbus 2007
Evan Firestone, Sam Borchers)
Discus 203 9" Christian Smith, McDonlad
Berlin Center 2015
High Jump 7’ 1/4" Brant Reardon, Fremont St. Joseph Central Catholic
Pemberville 2011
Long Jump 24’ 5 1/2" Mykale Rogers, Lima Central Catholic
Columbus 2014
Pole Vault 16’ 4" Jamie Lewis, Newcomerstown
New Philadelphia 1995
Shot Put 68’ 8 1/4" Donald "DJ" Duke, Hannibal River Columbus 2009