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OHSAA Circle of Champions

About The Circle of Champions

Beginning with the 2006-07 school year in conjunction with the Ohio High School Athletic Association centennial, the OHSAA has selected individuals who had prominent roles in the history of Ohio interscholastic athletics to become members of the OHSAA's Circle of Champions. The honorees not only had outstanding achievements at the high school level, but also have had outstanding achievements after their prep careers ended, have displayed outstanding character and serve as role models. The members are honored each year at the boys state basketball tournament in March.
Henry Armstead
Buddy Bell
Keith Byars
James "Buster" Douglas
Dan Hughes
Katie Nageotte Moon
Brian Agler
Larry Barnett
Carolyn Bowers
Katie Horstman
Jantel Lavender
Kevin Martin
Edwin Moses

Tianna Bartoletta
Jim Cleamons 
Brad Sellers 
Gary Trent

Dennis Hopson
Dwight "Bo" Lamar
Anthony Munoz
Michael Munoz
Michelle Munoz Trenz
William White 
Tim Belcher
Brianne McLaughlin
Renee Powell
Ed Ratleff
Tom Cousineau
Herb Williams
Dave Wottle
Lisa Cline
Bob Golic
Randy Gradishar
Lou Holtz
Troy Smith
Chris "Beanie" Wells
Jessica Davenport
Abby Johnston
Jim Paxson
John Paxson
Earle Bruce
Rex Kern
Michael Redd
Chris Speilman
Paul Warfield
Barry Clemens
Bob Hoying
LaVonna Martin-Floreal
Harry "Butch" Reynolds
Dick Snyder
Gene Tenace
Harrison Dillard 
Wayne Embry
John Havlicek
Jim Houston
Madeline Manning Mims
Phil Niekro
Howard "Hopalong" Cassidy
Jerry Lucas
Al Oliver
Jesse Owens
Tony Trabert


Robin Freeman
LeBron James
Dick Schafrath
Larry Slegfried
Mary Wineberg
Galen Cisco
Jim Lachey
Susan Nash Sugar
Bill Willis
Todd Blackledge
Jay Burson
Dean Chance
Archie Griffin
Cindy Noble Hauserman
Bill Hosket
Clark Kellogg
Dante Lavelli
Katie Smith