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Permit Upgrade or Personal Information

Change Your Personal Information

Log on to myOHSAA and update your Contact Information. When done making changes click submit on the bottom of the page.

Permit Upgrade

Note: The promotion from one class to another class does not become effective until the year following, provided the official renews their officiating permit. 

Upgrade from Class 2 to 1 or Class 3 to 2 - All sports except Girls Gymnastics

STEP 1: Print an application to obtain an application form and instructions regarding examination time, place and observation procedure (Click here to print application form)

STEP 2: Pass Observation of officiating in two scheduled athletic contests by two Class 1 officials- The observation of the applicant will be conducted according to local association standards and procedures. Both observations must be signed by the observing official. Observations may be conducted by a Class 1 official working in the same athletic contest as the applicant official.

STEP 3: Complete and return the upgrade application and forward it to the OHSAA by the application deadline.

STEP 4: Take officiating exams. Each applicant will take an online examination. Instructions will be sent by the OHSAA. Passing score is 80% on each examination. 

Upgrade from Class 2 to 1 - GIRLS GYMNASTIC ONLY
STEP 1: Contact a USAG test administrator to take upgrade test.

Carol Arnaut (NAWGJ), 503 Wendemere Dr., Hubbard, OH 44425. P:330-534-5224 or 330-534-1999; e-mail: [email protected]
Betty Sroufe, 2096 Roling Hills, Fairfield, OH 45014. P: 513-829-5671. 
Judy Dobransky, 3446 Gordon Dr., Sterling Heights, MI 48077; P: 801-264-2047 

Follow USAG testing procedures and receive and minimum rating of 9.

Officiating Classification Change to Inactive Status

During the school year for reasons such as employment, medical, family or other hardship, an official may request to change his/her status from active to inactive. 

Please email Keaton Jones ([email protected]) to notify of your request to go inactive. 

Officials Called to Active Military Duty

An official called to active military duty may withdraw from active officiating status by completing the following step

STEP 1: Notify the OHSAA. By phone at 614-267-2502 ext. 110 or e-mail [email protected]. Be sure to include your permit number, name, address and phone number.
Note: During the period of military duty the official is excused from attending OHSAA meetings and completing the review examination. In addition, the official is not required to pay registration fees and is ineligible to officiate in Ohio.

Officials Returning from Active Military Duty

An official returning from active military duty must notify the OHSAA within 30 days. 

STEP 1: Print "Return from Active Military Duty" form. Click here to view and print the form

STEP 2: Complete and return the form to the OHSAA office. Upon completion of the form, attach a check or money order (made payable to the OHSAA) for the registration fees, and a copy of your military separation papers to OHSAA Officiating, 4080 Roselea Place, Columbus, OH 43214. 

STEP 3: Receive your OHSAA Officiating permit. After receipt of the above documents your OHSAA officiating permit will be mailed to you. If you have not recieved your permit within three weeks please contact the OHSAA office by phone at 614-267-2502 ext. 110 or e-mail [email protected].