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2021 State Tournament Coverage

2021 Division and Region Assignments

Changes to Bylaw 2 (Divisional Alignments for 2021-­22 School Year) were ratified by the Board of Directors on October 1, 2020. The enrollment data and tournament divisions from 2020-21 will be utilized again in the 2021­-22 school year. This change means that EMIS data will be collected in October 2021 and utilized in a new two-year cycle that would cover the 2022-­23 and 2023­-24 school years. With some schools not offering sports along with many students transferring to non­traditional learning modules in the 2020-21 school year due to COVID­19, the Executive Director’s Office deliberated on how to handle enrollment data, since October 2020 is when the OHSAA traditionally would have received that data (EMIS) from the Ohio Department of Education for use in tournament representation, tournament division breakdowns and classifications for OHSAA District Athletic Board elections. It was determined that utilizing the same data for a third and final year was the fairest for all OHSAA member schools since any new data collected would likely be severely skewed and/or an unreliable representation.
The lists below contains schools that have indicated participation in the 2021 tournament. This is NOT the final list of schools that will be eligible to participate in the 2021 tournament as schools have until October 1 to make changes to their tournament participation. In addition, multi-high school districts that restructure their high schools are required to have their enrollment reclassified as of September 10 which may change their assigned tournament division.
Division I -  School List  |  Regional Map
Division II -  School List  |  Regional Map
Division III -  School List  |  Regional Map
Division IV -  School List  |  Regional Map
Division V -  School List  |  Regional Map
Division VI -  School List  |  Regional Map
Division VII -  School List  |  Regional Map