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OHSAA Financials

Did You Know? OHSAA Financials

The OHSAA is the only high school state association in the United States that combines all of the following financial benefits:
  •  Member schools do not pay any annual membership dues.
  •  Member schools pay limited tournament entry fees.
  •  Members schools receive travel expenses reimbursement for selected regional and state tournaments.
  •  The OHSAA pays the entire premium for the catastrophic insurance coverage for all student-athletes.
  •  Schools have the opportunity to sell presale tickets to some regional and state tournaments and keep a portion of the revenue.
  •  Annually, an average of $2.6 million is distributed to schools in the form of travel reimbursements and ticket bonuses from tournament operations. 
  • $150,000 in scholarships to member school student-athletes to purther education in the student's chosen fields. 
The Budget: The OHSAA's budget is comprised of three main sources of revenue: 78% comes from ticket sales at tournaments, 11% comes from annual officiating permit renewals and 11% comes from corporate sponsorships.
  • The OHSAA receives no tax dollars of any kind. 

OHSAA Financial Statements