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Frequently Asked Questions - Schools

The questions below are to assist schools with the transition from using myOHSAA scheduling and contracting tools to using ArbiterSports software.  For questions concerning how the ArbiterSports software works or for technical support of the ArbiterSports products, please contact ArbiterSports by contacting the ArbiterSports help desk at 800-311-4060.

ArbiterGame FAQ's

Do school's have to use ArbiterGame?

Yes. High schools will be expected to enter varsity contests, varsity officials contracts and into the Arbiter. A school can continue to use another scheduling vendor, but the OHSAA will expect the minimum information to be entered into Arbiter.  There is a process for uploading schedules from an excel spreadsheet for schools that choose to use another scheduling vendor. 

What are the minimum requirements for schools and the use of Arbiter?

  • Varsity game contracts
  • Varsity officials contracts

How much will the use of ArbiterGame cost a school?

ArbiterGame is free to OHSAA member high schools.  Middle schools that want or require an account can purchase ArbiterGame for a reduced annual fee of $110.

When and how can I access my high school's ArbiterGame account?

Please contact Jacki Windon ([email protected]).

What are my login credentials for my ArbiterGame account?

Contact Arbitor Support at 1-800-311-4060 for account information or use the Forgot Password link on the ArbiterSports.com login screen. (https://www1.arbitersports.com/Shared/SignIn/Signin.aspx).
NOTE: The OHSAA does not have access to your Arbiter login credentials.

How many users can have access to a single school's account?

There is no limit to the number of people a school can have on their ArbiterGame account. 

What is the cost for additional account users?

There is usually a cost associated with having more than one user per account but the Arbiter is waiving this fee for OHSAA member schools.

Can we use our high school account to enter junior high events?

Yes, but it is highly discouraged.  This can be done and will work best if the high school and junior high have the same address but can be problematic if they do not. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to combine high school and junior high events on one account.  Opponents and spectators of junior high events will have a more difficult time finding the junior high events on the public scheduling interface (ArbiterLive).  In addition, when your parents go to find the games listed in ArbiterLive they will have to know to search for the high school rather than the middle school to find their events and “Follow” the teams for which they want the schedule.  In other states some schools combine high school and junior high accounts.  However, this resulted in many more inquiries to their athletic department from opponents and fans, so they purchased a middle school account.  Ultimately the decision is up to each high school.

What is the cost for a junior high school account?

The OHSAA has negotiated a reduced cost for member junior high schools that want or require an account.  This reduced cost is $175 per year.  The normal costs for a junior high account is approximately $225 per year and depends on the number of sports per school.

Who do I contact to register my junior high for an ArbiterGame account?

Contact Justin Miller at ArbiterSports at 1-801-838-8870 or email [email protected].

Will ArbiterGame and myOHSAA be linked?

myOHSAA and ArbiterGame are integrated so that some of the data entered in the Arbiter will be available for what is needed in myOHSAA.  This includes the contest officials so they can be rated in myOHSAA.

Do I have to continue using myOHSAA?

Yes, but not for scheduling events or contest officials. Scheduling is done in ArbiterSports for all events and levels of play. 
   Schools will still use myOHSAA to:
     - Maintain school directory information including administration and coaches
     -OHSAA board resolution cards
     - OHSAA participation card
     - OHSAA tournament entry
     - Rating of contest officials
     Voting for OHSAA tournament officials
     Pre-Season Parent Meetings

My school currently uses other scheduling software. Do we have to switch to ArbiterGame?

No, schools choosing to use other scheduling software may continue to do so, but will need to meet the minimum use requirements in ArbiterGame. ArbiterGame is the software that the OHSAA has partnered with to provide the most comprehensive game and official scheduling system. 

Can the games/events entered in another scheduling software be uploaded into Arbiter?

Yes.  Using the Arbiter template, data can be loaded from your third party vendor into the template. This template can then be uploaded into ArbiterGame or ArbiterOne. However, uploads of data can cause errors if the data points do not match exactly.  This can result in more time being spent to correct the errors than entering each event individually.  Arbiter has a smart scheduler feature that allows for multi-level events to be entered at the same time, thus reducing the time involved with re-entry.  In addition, entering events directly into Arbiter is a great way to learn the system and will reduce the number of errors.  For these reasons, the OHSAA and Arbiter recommend that schools enter their events directly into Arbiter instead of using the upload feature.  However, the decision is to re-enter or upload is up to each individual school.

What potential issues can arise using the template upload?

If an assigner has already entered a game, it may appear twice. If the data points do not match, the details for the event may not be uploaded correctly.  For these reasons, the OHSAA and Arbiter recommend that schools enter their events directly into Arbiter instead of using the upload feature.  However, the decision is to re-enter or upload is up to each individual school.

Who do I contact for technical support?

For Technical Support, call ArbiterSports customer service at 1-800-311-4060.  Select 1 for support and follow the prompts to speak to an ArbiterSports representative. ArbiterSports Technical Support is available from 8 am – 9 pm Monday through Thursday; 8 am – 7 pm on Friday, and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday.  These times are Eastern Time.

During what hours is technical support available?

ArbiterSports' Technical Support is available from 8 am – 9 pm Monday through Thursday; 8 am – 7 pm on Friday, and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday.  These times are Eastern Time.

Will ArbiterGame allow scheduling for more than one team at the same level?

Yes, for those schools with more than one team (EX: JV-Red and JV-Black) at the same level.  Schools can designate a team name.

Who can enter games and events in Arbiter?

Schools, officiating assigners and league commissioners can all create events.  Schools can work with these persons to determine who will create events.  This is one of the best features of the Arbiter as it allows this workload to be shared.

Do I only enter home events or do I enter all events?

This question is best answered by establishing guidelines for what events will be entered, how they will be entered and by whom they will be entered as a collective agreement with the other schools in your league, your league scheduler and officiating assigners.  Ideally, each school or assigner would enter the home events.  This will then populate all the away league events too.  That just leaves the non-conference events for the school to enter.

Are contracts sent to opponents electronically? Even non-OHSAA or out-of-state opponents?

Game contracts are sent and accepted electronically to any school that uses ArbiterGame software.  The opponent can be an Ohio school or out-of-state as their location does not matter as long as they use ArbiterGame.  For any opponent that does not use ArbiterGame, the game contract can be created and saved through ArbiterGame by the OHSAA school and then emailed to the opponent.  Once the signed contract is returned, the OHSAA school can accept the game contract so that the contract icon will turn green and the Athletic Director knows that everything is set and ready to go for that event.

Can I use ArbiterGame for non-athletic events?

Yes, ArbiterGame can be used for non-athletic events and scheduling.  Each event has the option to make it public or non-public.  Public events show on the school's ArbiterLive schedules.  This feature can provide a more comprehensive facilities management tool.

Does ArbiterGame have a public schedule option so our community can view our events?

Yes, ArbiterLive.com is the public schedule website where events from ArbiterGame are displayed.  Parents and spectators can subscribe to receive email or text notifications when changes to events occur.  When events are created, the school can indicate whether the event should display on ArbiterLive. 

Does ArbiterLive have a feed to integrate with iCal or other calendaring software?

Arbiter is currently working on an iCal feed.  This feature has been requested by many schools across the country, but Arbiter does not have an expected time for this feed to be completed.  However, in the meantime through the reports area, schedules can be printed in many different formats that can be integrated in calendaring software. These report formats are XML, CSV, Excel, Word, PDF, MHTML and Tiff.

Does ArbiterGame have a facilities management component?

Yes, ArbiterGame can manage your facilities.  In addition, ArbiterSports and SchoolDude have partnered to offer a comprehensive facilities management program that includes automated controls of lighting, AC/heating and other facilities systems.

Can transportation be scheduled using ArbiterGame?

Yes, ArbiterGame allows schools to request and track transportation for all events.  In addition, ArbiterGame interfaces with SchoolDude and their transportation software to provide a comprehensive district-wide management of transportation.

What types of reports are available through ArbiterGame?

Several reports are available through Arbiter.

  •    Schedules (master, all events, games with officials, game contracts, by sport or transportation)
  •    Teams (schedule and roster)
  •    Site (schedule)
  •    Opponents (schedule, contacts and team rosters)
  •    Students (student export, student list, awards by student, awards by team and eligibility)
  •    Financial (fees by sport)
  •    Contracts (contract)

Can I enter rosters and manage player awards through ArbiterGame?

Yes, rosters of student-athletes can be entered into ArbiterGame.  The tools available through the rosters can track lots of student information from the day they begin classes to the day they graduate.  ArbiterGame can also track and print awards for these student-athletes.

ArbiterOne FAQ's

What is ArbiterOne?

ArbiterOne is the software both assigners and officials use to assign officials to athletic contests.  This software also allows the assigner to create athletic events for the school which can aid the athletic department with its workload.

Can only assigners contract officials through Arbiter?

No.  Officials contracts can be created by either the school or the OHSAA licensed officiating assigner.

Can schools continue to contract officials through myOHSAA?

No, the contracting and scheduling features of myOHSAA are being replaced with ArbiterSports products.

Do schools have to use Arbiter to contract officials?

Officials for varsity level contests must be contracted through Arbiter.  A school may choose to use a different method to contract sub-varsity contest officials.  However, myOHSAA scheduling and contracting of events and officials has been replaced with ArbiterSports products.

Do schools use ArbiterOne to schedule event/game workers?

Yes, schools may use their ArbiterGame account to schedule event workers and officials.

ArbiterPay FAQ's

What is ArbiterPay?

ArbiterPay (formerly) RefPay is the software that pays officials electronically (EFT).  ArbiterPay is completely integrated with ArbiterOne and ArbiterGame so school administration can pay officials with the click of a button.

What are the benefits of paying officials through ArbiterPay?

There are many benefits to using ArbiterPay

  1.    Can eliminate vouchers
  1.    Eliminates check processing
  1.    Eliminates checks to the wrong official
  1.    Eliminates postage
  1.    Eliminates lost or stolen checks
  1.    Eliminates bookkeeping headaches
  1.    Eliminates stop payments
  1.    24/7 online payment tracking
  1.   Payment history
  1.   Mass pay multiple officials
  1.   Assigning and scheduling integration
  1.   Increased tax compliance
  1.   Reduces liability with sensitive information
  1.   Conserves the environment/resources
  1.   Saves money
  1.   Saves time
  1.   Officials are able to research their pay better
  1.   Streamlined 1099 submission
  1.   Combined school's tax reports

Do schools have to pay officials using ArbiterPay?

No. The choice to use ArbiterPay is up to each school district.  However, for the regular contests, OHSAA has determined to transition to ArbiterPay for tournament events.

Is the OHSAA paying for a school's ArbiterPay account?

No. Each school district or non-public school will need to register and fund their own accounts for regular season contests.

How does my school treasurer access our ArbiterPay account?

ArbiterPay can be accessed through www.arbiterpay.com.  This is where the schools will transfer funds to their accounts and view the different reports they will need for accounting purposes.  Once ArbiterPay accounts are set-up, the athletic director or treasurers' offices can pay through ArbiterGame or ArbiterOne.

Are there any costs to using ArbiterPay?

Yes, there are fees for using ArbiterPay.  The ArbiterPay fee is simply a transaction fee that is charged to the school for every official that is paid. This fee is deducted from the school's trust fund at the time the official is paid.  However, the transaction fee is far less than the current costs incurred with paying officials by check.  This includes the time to process these payments, the cost of the check, the costs of the printer and ink, the cost of postage, the costs to replace a lost or stolen check, reconcile the bank transactions, and the costs associated with paying the wrong official.  Once the money is transferred to the official's account, they have a no-cost-way of getting their money.  Officials also have choices through Arbiter on how to receive their payments through electronic transfer of funds, an Arbiter debit card or a paper check.