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Frequently Asked Questions - Officials

Arbiter FAQs

The OHSAA officiating department has prepared the following presentation to assist officials with using ArbiterSports.

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The questions below are to assist licensed OHSAA officials with the transition from using myOHSAA scheduling and contracting tools to using ArbiterSports software.  For questions concerning how the ArbiterSports software works or for technical support of the ArbiterSports products, please contact ArbiterSports by contacting the ArbiterSports help desk at 800-311-4060.


What is Arbiter and how does it work?

ArbiterSports is the leading software for the contracting of contest officials. ArbiterSports has several software programs designed for officiating assigners, schools, and officials to automate the contracting of opponents and officials.

ArbiterOne is the software used by officiating assigners to contract officials for contests.  Assigners invite officials to join their assigning group.  Once the official accepts this electronic invitation, the official can be assigned to contests.  Officials must accept group invitations from assigners in order to receive officiating assignments.

Why has the OHSAA switched to Arbiter?

ArbiterSports allows officials and assigners to access all games in one location.  Assigners that contract officials for events other than events for OHSAA member schools had to use different methods to assign officials.  In addition, officials then had several places in which to find their assignments and coordinate calendars.  ArbiterSports allows any level of contest to be assigned and the official has just one place to look.  In addition, the Arbiter has enhanced tools for scheduling that our member schools want and need that were not available in myOHSAA.

Do officials have to use Arbiter?

Yes, there is no other scheduling software recognized by OHSAA.

I am a new OHSAA official who is in or recently completed an OHSAA officiating course, how do I get my ArbiterOne profile?

1 – Students must be marked as “Passed” in myOHSAA by the instructor.
2 – Upon being marked “Passed” by the instructor, they will receive an OHSAA permit number the next business day.
NOTE: A student will not receive an OHSAA permit number unless they have saved their required concussion training information to their myOHSAA profile.  You should review this process in class with your students to ensure this doesn’t become a delay in their process of becoming an active official.
3 – Once a student receives a permit number, they become a new, active OHSAA official and may begin officiating.
4 – New officials cannot create their own Arbiter profile.  The OHSAA creates the profile for a new official using the email address on their profile in myOHSAA.
5 – Students need to add [email protected] to their address book in their email account.
NOTE: This is not a requirement but will help prevent a potential delay in their process of becoming an active official in Arbiter.
6 – The OHSAA creates new official profiles twice a week (Wednesday and Friday) during the peak season of courses, and once a week during off-peak season for courses.
NOTE: Officials will have their profile created on the next upload day after they receive their permit number. For example, if an official receives their permit number on a Friday morning they will be added on the following Wednesday.
7 – Once a profile has been created for the new official, they will be sent the “Welcome Email” from Arbiter. This is why it is critical for new officials to add [email protected] to their address book.
8 – Before an assigner or school can locate the new official in Arbiter and assign them to games, the official must follow the instructions in the Welcome Email, log into their profile for the first time, andaccept the OHSAA ArbiterOne group invitation (group 105755).

Do officials have to pay to use Arbiter?


Do officials have to continue using myOHSAA?

Yes, officials will still use myOHSAA to:
     - Maintain their contact information on their profiles
     - Renew their OHSAA Officiating Permit
     - Maintain their Concussion Certification
     - Submit the OHSAA Tournament Questionnaire
     - Check their state and local rules meeting attendance credits
     Register for officiating classes
     Access the school and officials directories

Will training be offered for officials on how to use the Arbiter?

A PowerPoint presentation is available to assit you with getting started with ArbiterSports.  Click here to download and view it. 

What is my user name and password for my Arbiter account?

Login credentials for Arbiter accounts uses an email address as the user name.  Passwords were created by ArbiterSports and can be retrieved through the Forgot Password link on the ArbiterSports.com login screen. (https://www1.arbitersports.com/Shared/SignIn/Signin.aspx).
NOTE: The OHSAA does not have access to your ArbiterSports login credentials.

What if I do not have a current Arbiter Account?

All OHSAA licensed officials have an Arbiter account. Although every official has an account, they have to be invited by an assigner to the assigning group in order to receive game assignments.  If you aren’t a part of an assigning group, contact an assigner and ask to be added to their group. Officials may also receive assignment directly from schools through the "AD Assiged" ArbiterOne group.

When and how can I access my Arbiter account?

Officials access their account login credentials by being invited to an assigning group.  The OHSAA has invited all OHSAA licensed officials to join their group #105755.  You can access your ArbiterSports account anytime you have an internet connection at home, in the office, or on your phone.  You can also purchase ArbiterMobile, Arbiter's new mobile app, for your phone so that you have access to your schedule on the go.

My login credentials are not working, who do I contact?

Click the “Forgot Password” link to request a new password. Type in your email address associtaed with Ariber, and a message will be sent to you email. Please check your inbox, spam, or junk folder for the message. If you do not receive a message, add [email protected] to your address book. If the "Forgot Password" does not resolve the login error, call the customer support phone number at ArbiterSports which is 800-311-4060.  Select 1 for Support and then whether you are a school staff member, administrator, or official.  You can get help on the phone with your password reset or you can also talk to a live person if none of the other options work.
NOTE: The OHSAA does not have access to your Arbiter login credentials.

Who do I contact for technical support?

For Technical Support call ArbiterSports customer service at 800-311-4060.  Select 1 for support and follow the prompts to speak to an ArbiterSports representative. ArbiterSports Technical Support is available from 8 am – 9 pm Monday through Thursday, 8 am – 7 pm on Friday, and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday.  These times are Eastern Time.

During what hours is technical support available?

ArbiterSports Technical Support is available from 8 am – 9 pm Monday through Thursday, 8 am – 7 pm on Friday, and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday.  These times are Eastern Time.

Do I have to register with Arbiter to receive an account?

No, all OHSAA licensed officials already have an account created for them.  Officials access their account login credentials by being invited to an assigning group.  The OHSAA has invited all OHSAA licensed officials to join the OHSAA group #105755.  The invitation is an email sent by Arbiter system that provides the official with their login credentials.

What is OHSAA's group #105755?

OHSAA group #105755 is the "super" group for ArbiterSports in Ohio. This group gives the assigners the active officials to pick from, and an official will receive their OHSAA Regional and State Tournament assignments from this group.

What is an Arbiter group?

An ArbiterSports account is a group of officials, under 1 or more assignors, that receive game assignments to go and work athletic events.

How many groups can I be a member of in Arbiter?

Each official can be a part of multiple ArbiterOne groups. This will depend on how many assigners each official works for.  Each OHSAA certified assigner has an ArbiterOne group and they will invite officials to their groups in order for officials to be issued contracts.

Do assigners/schools have to use Arbiter to contract officials?

Yes, all officiating assignments for varsity contests must be done through the Arbiter. These assignments can be entered by either an assigner or a school.  
OHSAA tournament assignments will transition to the Arbiter over the next two years. 

When will assigners/schools begin using Arbiter to contract officials?

Currently, the OHSAA began the statewide implementation in the summer of 2016. All OHSAA assigners and schools already use Arbiter to contact contest officials. The OHSAA has transitioned schools from myOHSAA scheduling to ArbiterSports scheduling, as team scheduling and officials contracting functions no longer exist in myOHSAA. Any future officials' contracts in myOHSAA are still valid contracts, and need to be re-created in Arbiter by either the host school or the designated assigner for that sport.

Are officiating contracts sent to me electronically?

Officials contracts are sent electronically.  Once you accept a game contract, an email will be sent to you for your records.

How will I be notified when I have a contract to accept?

Officials will get an email when they have been sent a new contest assignment.  At that point, the official can login either on a computer, tablet, or on their phone to accept or decline that assignment.

Will I receive reminders when I have an upcoming contest to work?

All officials will get an email reminder for their events if the assigner has specified that the officials should get that emailed to them.  Assigners can even decide how many days before the event takes place that those emails go out.

How will I be notified of event changes?

If there is a change to an event, the official is emailed letting them know of the change.

Who do I contact if I cannot work a contest that I have accepted?

You will need to contact the assignor that gave you that assignment so they can immediately find a replacement official to take your place at that sporting event.

Will every school use ArbiterPay?

No. Each school will decide how they will pay officials.  Some school districts will use ArbiterPay to pay officials but others may not. 

Do officials have to be paid with ArbiterPay?

Each school will decide how they will pay officials.  Some school districts will use ArbiterPay to pay officials but others may not.  The OHSAA will be paying all tournament officials for all sports through ArbiterPay.  Currently only some regional and state officials are paid using ArbiterPay.  Full implementation of ArbiterPay for sectional and district officials will occur over the next 18 months.

What payment methods are available through ArbiterPay?

ArbiterSports offers several methods of payment. The four payments offered are electronic transfer of payment initiated by the official (free to officials), an automatic electronic transfer of funds to your bank account (fee associated), ArbiterPay debit card (fee associated), and a check sent to mailing address (fee associated). To see the fees associated with the transferring of funds from ArbiterPay, please view the link below. https://arbiterpay.com/pricing.html 

I do not have a bank account, how can I be paid through Arbiter?

Arbiter offers payment through Arbiter Debit Card (Mastercard) or through a paper check.  However these methods have a service fee that is charged to the official. 

Will OHSAA tournament contests be paid through ArbiterPay?

Currently only some sport officials are paid using ArbiterPay for regional and state tournaments only.  Full implementation of ArbiterPay for all levels of OHSAA tournaments will occur over the next 18 months.